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Gettysburg Borough Council - Photo Compliments of The Gettysburg Times
Gettysburg Borough Council - Photo Compliments of The Gettysburg Times

Ward System

The Borough of Gettysburg is comprised of three (3) wards. The Borough's wards are synonymous with voting precincts. The Borough has had three wards from its ordination in 1806. From 1806 until 2015, the Borough had nine (9) elected councilman (three from each of the three wards) and a Mayor elected At Large (borough-wide).

Citizens in 2015 circulated a petition and presented it to Council. The pettion asked that Council reduce the size of its Council from nine (9) members to seven (7) members. Borough Council agreed and voted to reduce the size of Council to seven (7) members commencing with the elected terms to begin in 2016. Consequently, Gettysburg Borough currently maintains its three-ward system with two Councilman elected from each ward. Each Councilman serves a 4-year term, but only one is elected from each ward every two years.

The seventh ( 7th ) Councilman is elected At Large (Borough Wide) and also serves a 4-year term. The Mayor, similarly, is elected At Large but is elected in the opposite election cycle than the At Large Councilman.

First Ward and Voting Location

The First Ward is all area East of Carlisle Street and Baltimore Street. Voting takes place at the Gettysburg Fire Hall, 35 North Stratton Street.

Click Here to view a map of the Borough's three ward districts.


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