Long-Term Parking

Twelve-Hour Meters
Meter head
Meter head

12-Hour Meters:

There are 275 12-hour on-street meters located in Gettysburg. These meters provide the maximum parking limit of 12 hours. 12-hour meters will not provide a "grace period". 

Rates: $1 per hour for a maximum of 12 hour parking.

  • Quarters - 15 minutes
  • Dimes - 6  minutes
  • Nickels - 3 minutes

Handicapped Parking spaces will have BLUE meters and Handicapped signs. Handicapped meters are $1 per hour for a maximum of twelve hours. Any valid Handicapped Plate/Placard displayed will receive a 1-hour "grace period" at ANY parking meter.

Enforcement Hours: Enforcement of all 12-hour meters are as followed:

  • Monday - Saturday: 8 AM to 8PM
  • Sundays: 1 PM to 8 PM

Free holiday parking are listed on the meters. Please note any street signage that prohibits overnight parking.

Holiday List:

New Year's DayMartin Luther King's BirthdayPresident's Day
Good FridayMemorial Day4th of July
Labor DayColumbus DayVeteran's Day

*Please Note - Holiday Parking within the Borough is only acknowledged on the exact date the holiday falls on.

Violation: Overtime parking fines are $25.00, ($15.00 if paid within 7 days of ticket's issued date).

12-Hour Meter On-Street Locations:

  • Baltimore Street (3rd block) 93 meters
    • 3rd block west side (from Wall Alley to Borough line) 67 meters
    • 3rd block east side (from Wade Avenue to Steinwehr Avenue) 26 meters
  • Wade Avenue (from Baltimore Street to Schoolhouse Alley) 10 meters
  • Queens Street (1st block off of Steinwehr Avenue) 7 meters
  • Chambersburg Street (3rd block from Lincoln Square) 16 meters
  • South Franklin Street (from Zerfing Alley to West Middle Street) 4 meters
  • York Street (2nd block, last 10 meters closest to Liberty Street) 19 meters
    • south side (from Liberty Street to Stratton Street) 9 meters
    • north side (from Liberty Street to Stratton Street) 10 meters
  • East Middle Street (2nd block) 19 meters
  • South Stratton Street (from Zerfing Alley to East High Street) 8 meters
  • Carlisle Street (from Water Street to Lincoln Avenue) 61 meters
  • West Lincoln Avenue (from College Avenue to Carlisle Street) 36 meters
  • Steinwehr Avenue (in front of Lincoln Train Museum) 2 meters

Passport Parking:

Long-Term Street Meters:

  • Zone: 1862
  • Hours of Operation: 
    • (8 AM - 8 PM) Monday through Saturday
    • (1PM - 8PM) Sunday
  • Cost: $1.00 / Hour
  • Minimum purchase amount: 1 hour
  • Maximum purchase amount: 12 hours
  • Lock Out Time: 15 minutes
  • Convenience Fee: $0.35

For or more in depth information about Passport Parking, please click here.