Biser Fitness Trail and Walking Path

Originally donated to the Gettysburg Recreation Park by the Biser Family in memory of their sons, Chris and Kyle, the beautiful one mile Biser Fitness Trail and Walking Path winds its way throughout the 52 acre Recreation Park. Simply enjoy a leisurely walk in the outdoors or get those muscles and heart in shape using the 10 fitness stations along the way. Don't forget to stop and check your heart rate when you see the sign!

From The Parents
From 1959 to 1970 I was the evening Recreation Park Supervisor. Christopher and Kyle and our daughter Courtenany came to the park nearly everyday. Chris and Kyle Played Little League and Teener League baseball as well as Midget Football. Chris also played in the evening Recreation Basketball program. The Biser Fitness Trail is an opportunity for our family and the community to remember our son's love of the fitness activities they played as young boys. My hope is that families come to the Fitness Trail to enjoy fitness together.

-Gareth "Lefty" Biser

Christopher V. Biser (March 16, 1959 - September 3, 1985)
Christopher grew up in Gettysburg and graduated from Gettysburg High School. As an adult he resided in Huntington Beach, CA. Chris completed a Real Estate/Broker Degree at Fullerton Junior College in CA and was a licensed Realtor with McVay Real Estate Agency in Huntington Beach. He was an avid motor cross rider and belonged to the American Motor Cross Association.

Kyle S. Biser (May 25, 1961 - August 29, 1985)
Kyle grew up in Gettysburg and as an adult resided in Santa Ana, CA. He attended Chowan College, NC and Frostburg University. Kyle received an Associate Arts degree in Education from Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA. He intended to pursue a degree in Podiatric Medicine at UCLA. Kyle was previously employed at Aztech Corporation and McDonald-Douglas Aircraft Corp at Long Beach.

-Janet Lightner

Biser Trail Layout Map

WorldTrail Fitness Stations
Combining running and individual exercise, the all-steel WorldTrail conditioning course provides a comprehensive fitness program for beginners and advanced users alike. Each exercise station promotes the development of strength and endurance while improving muscle tone and agility with signs at each station to instruct all users on proper form and repetition. Click here for details.