GPD Patch

The Heraldry of the Police Patch

Top: Sun setting behind the South Mountains; denotes the establishment of the area by James Gettys when the Nation was beginning to expand westward from the Susquehanna.

Shield: Gettysburg Police Department

Keystone: Represents the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Crossed Bayonets, Cannon Muzzle, and Three Stars: Denotes the most important event of the Town's history, the 3 day Battle of Gettysburg; the lettering speaks for itself.

Lower Panel: James Getty house (1780-1880), located 500 ft. northeast of the Square, in the area of Olinger's (formerly Codori's) parking lot. The Square with all roads leading into and out of, namely at that time, the York and Bonneautown roads, eastward, the Newtown (Carlisle) and Harrisburg roads north and northeast, the Shippensburg (Mummasburg) road northwest, the Chambersburg and Millerstown (Fairfield) roads west, the Emmitsburg Road southwest, the Taneytown and Baltimore roads south and southeast.

Trees, Shaft of Grain: Denote the town's location in the center of the fruit and agriculture areas.

                                             Gettysburg Police Department History

NOTE: The below information is taked from the original books and some of the hand writting is a challenge to read.  If there is information on our history you have and would like to share with us, please contact us at 717-334-1168 and ask for Investigator Bevenour.  Thank you and enjoy.

High Constable William Kerr
Duties: To find loose pigs and swines and dispose of or sale.  From the sale he deducts his fees and those of borough.  If he refuses or neglects these duties he pays a sum of 5 dollars, provided that such prosecution shall be commented within 48 hrs, not after that.  Serves notice and collect taxes.
9/9: Be in acted by the town council of the Borough of Gettysburg that the High Constable receive the same fee for any service while he shall render in the execution of the duties of his office which the C of the several townships written in the Commonwealth are entitled to receive for similar services under the law of this Commonwealth.  Approved unanimously, 9/9/1806.
High Constable Kerr resigned as Constable.  Borough appointed Leonard Dill.
High Constable is William Kunhs.
J. Truscol is late High Constable.
Jacob Werts is High Constable.
Examined the account of Leonard Dill, High Constable, for 1806.  Settled and resolved transcript made for all outstanding tax.  So Burges can collect according to the law.
Jacob Werts re-elected, sworn in 11 May, 1811.
Council appoints Samuel Pauley to replace Werts, sworn in 11 May, 1811.
Samuel Degroff sworn in 4/19/1814.
Peter Sheets received greatest number of votes for High Constable.  Duly elected for ensuing year.  5/3/1814.  Sworn in  5/11/1814.
Peter Sheets re-elected.
7/27/1815, Resolution that Robert McIvain be appointed High Constable in the place of Peter Sheets who refused to serve.
7/28/1815, Robert McIvain sworn in a High Constable.
James Mray sworn in 13 May, 1816.
Joshua Sherfigh sworn in 17 May, 1817.
Josh Sherfigh re-elected.
Ordinance to keep streets and alleys clean of any manner blocking same will be removed and sold, profit to go to the Borough.
5/17: Be enacted that whenever any duty is enjoined on the Constable and no fee specified for the services, that the Constable shall be allowed a reasonable compensation to be fixed by the town council.
Re-enacted any lumber or other obstruction, except material for immediate building, which is permitted to lie in any street or alley for 48 hours.  After told to remove shall be removed and sold by the Constable.  Constable shall give the notice and effect such removal and shall give a penalty of $2 for each neglect.  Passed 8/16/1819.
4/8: Ordinance, Any person shall play at running of whoop or whoops or shall engage at any kind of game or shall throw stones or other mifsillo in the public street or alleys within said Borough or shall by day or by night make or cause any kind of noise or disturbance to the annoyance of disquiet of the peaceable citizens of said Borough shall pay sum of $1 and prosecution costs.  Failure to pay is imprisonment of 12 hours.  Taken into custody by Constable.
Ordinance to alter previous ordinance made 1 Sep, 1807.  Borough of Gettysburg divided into 2 Wards, east of middle of Baltimore St is First Ward and west of middle of Baltimore St is Second Ward.  Each ward will have an Engine Company, Axe Company and Bucket Company with men between 12 and 60 years.  Fines to those who fail duties, $5 for members and $10 for directors.
Constable Sandy(?) should obtain names of able bodied male inhabitants east of Baltimore St.  Said Constable should make a convict list of the said names.
Constable Bowen should obtain names of able bodied male inhabitants west of Baltimore St.  Constable should make a convict list of said names.  Both should give the list to Clerk of Council before 7/23/1831.
10/21: Malicious crime committed on the 15th at public house of James Gourby, upon property of a traveler, and perpetrator(s) were not captured.  Town Council has allowed a reward of $10 for information leading to conviction of perpetrator.  Printed up an advertisement offering reward.
1/10: Sundry inhabitant of Borough of Gettysburg petitioned to have a watchman.
1/12: Council said one watchman was inexpedient.
1/16: Resolution establishment of 2 town watchmen.
1/27: New divisions created.  First ward is now north of the south part of the center square.  Second ward is all south of that.  A night watchman will be in each part.
From 10 pm to 4 am each night watchman shall patrol the streets.  All suspected, noisy and disorderly disturbers of the peace and all perpetrators of wanton and malicious crimes, i.e. all those who break the laws will be held in safe custody until they can be turned over to civil authority.  Watchmen shall carry mace and a rattle but no firearms or sharp edged weapons.  Watchmen employed 1 year at a time and for no longer.  Receive $75.  Watchmen must light all lamps at night.
12/31: Petition to appoint a High constable, Ezekiel Buckingham for 4 months.  High constable has same duties as a Watchman and is to patrol day and night.  He may use all necessary force to detain perpetrators, including firearms.
2/26: Malicious crime committed against High Constable, assailant remains unknown.  $100 offered for information on assailant.
2/27: Hall appointed assistant Constable for 1 month.
5/6: Ezediel Buckingham appointed by the Burgess and Town Council to be High Constable for the year at 8 dollars a month.
5/7: Elections and Christian Stout was appointed High Constable until June 1st and to receive $4.
Work in Progress
Feb: George Gordon and Pank Noel listed as receiving police pay.
Mar: George Gordon elected Police Chief and Tom O’Reilly police officer.
Chief of Police Wallace Emmons.  
Work in Progress