Adams County Council of Governments (ACCOG)

Collaboration Among Adams County's Municipalities

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Adams County Council of Governments (hereinafter the “Council") to provide a forum by which governmental entities of Adams County may meet to discuss issues of mutual interest, and to coordinate joint activities between members on an as-needed, voluntary basis.


The purpose of the Council is to provide a vehicle for intermunicipal cooperation in resolving problems, forming policies, making plans, and taking actions that are mutually beneficial to its members. The further and specific purposes are as follows:

  • To identify, discuss, and study regional issues and opportunities.
  • To facilitate agreements among member governments who wish to undertake specific cooperative projects and programs.
  • To promote effective communication and coordination among member governments, other governments, and local and regional organizations.
  • To work together to control and reduce governmental costs for purchases, and for provision of services.
  • To undertake joint purchasing, where beneficial to member governmental entities.