Racehorse Alley Parking (RHA)

Racehorse Alley Parking Plaza

The Racehorse Alley Parking Garage, 74 East Racehorse Alley, is located behind the Gettysburg Hotel and is accessible from either Carlisle or North Stratton Streets. The Garage is open and enforced 24 hours/ 7 days per week including all holidays with 356 parking spaces. Handicapped spaces are located conveniently near the exits and Kiosks. Kiosks are located on levels 1 & 2.

(PLEASE NOTE: Garage entrance clearance is 6'10")

The Parking Garage is designed to meet the unique needs of various user groups:

  1. Overnight hotel/bed & breakfast guests,
  2. Monthly Commuter Parking for workers, commuters, tenants & students,
  3. Short-term parking for visiting downtown Gettysburg,
  4. Patrons of the Majestic Theater. 

(NOTE: Please observe that the Racehorse Alley Parking Garage allows Head-in-Only Parking.)

Garage Rates:

Kiosk Machines: $0.75 per hour up to 24 hours. (Change machine located on level 2 - Kiosk machines do not give change)

Permits: Can be purchased at the Permit Store.

Passport Parking: $0.75 per hour.

The RHA Parking Garage offers three types of payment options:

Option #1: Pay-by-Space at Kiosk

  1. Park in any open space. (Except for sign-restricted spaces) and go directly to Kiosk machine (located on Levels 1 & 2).
  2. Enter Space Number.
  3. Select Amount of Time using the Yellow Buttons. (can be pressed multiple times in 20-minute, 1-hour, or 24-hour increments).
  4. Pay the amount shown on Display. (Coins, Cash, or Credit Card).
  5. Press the Green Button to confirm. (NOTE: Successfully swiping credit card will complete transaction, all other payments must be completed by pressing the Green Button).
  6. Take the receipt from the chute below. (Receipts do not need to be displayed in vehicle after transaction).

Option #2: RHA Permits

Permits provide maximum benefits and flexibility with unlimited IN and OUT privileges inside the Racehorse Alley Parking Garage for the duration of permit. (Park in any unrestricted space at anytime).

Permits are purchased at the Gettysburg Borough's main website and use the vehicle's License Plate number in order for permit to be registered. (NOTE: Please make sure that your License Plate number and state of vehicle registration is correct when registering. Incorrect tag information can result in the vehicle receiving a parking violation.)

  1. When using a computer, tablet or smartphone, log on to www.gettysburgpa.gov
  2. Navigating to the Parking Department Page, click on the PURCHASE PERMIT ONLINE icon where you will be directed to the Permit Store.
  3. Select the proper Permit you wish to purchase using the Green icon.
  4. Fill in the Required fields *.
  5. Please read "Terms & Conditions" and check the box.
  6. Click "Confirm Payment".
  7. No confirmation needs to be displayed. (NOTE: If you provide your email address, an email confirmation will immediately be sent to you).

Option #3: Passport Parking

The Racehorse Alley Parking Garage is one of the four Passport Zones within the Borough of Gettysburg. With signs located throughout the Garage, parking has never been easier.

Passport Information:  Passport Sign

RHA Parking Garage:

  • Zone: 1863
  • Hours of Operation: 24 Hours / 7 Days
  • Cost: $0.75 / hour
  • Minimum purchase amount: 1 hour
  • Maximum purchase amount: 24 hours
  • Lock Out Time: None
  • Convenience Fee: $0.35

East Racehorse Alley Parking Meters:

(Located in front of the Parking Garage) 17 meters.

  • Zone: 1863
  • Hours of Operation: 24 hours/ 7 days. Free holiday parking listed on the meter.
  • Cost: $1.00 / hour
  • Minimum purchase amount: 1 hour
  • Maximum purchase amount: 12 hours
  • Lock Out Time: 15 minutes
  • Convenience Fee: $0.35

For more in depth information on Passport Parking, please click here.