Subdivision & Land Development

Article V of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) grants the governing body of each municipality power to regulate subdivisions and land development within the municipality by enacting a subdivision and land development ordinance, also outlining provisions for its contents, enactment, and enforcement. The Borough of Gettysburg's Subdivision and Land Development Ordiance (SALDO) regulates and controls the subdivision of lots and the development of land; the approval of plans, plots or replots of land laid out in building lots; standards for the design of streets, lots, easements, blocks and other improvements; certain minimum improvements and construction standards on all streets and required dedications.It is administered by the Gettysburg Borough Planning Commission.

Land development is the improvement of one or more parcels of land that involves two or more residential buildings or a single nonresidential building.

Subdivision is the division or re-division of one or more parcels into two or more smaller parcels. This includes the alterations of lot lines.

The first step in either Subdivision or Land Development is to contact the Borough Planning Department staff to discuss the project. The Department will provide you with an application and other necessary information. You may also download an application directly from this site below.

Once an application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Borough Engineer and the Adams County Office of Planning & Development (ACOPD) before it goes to the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission meets the third Monday of the month at 7:00 P.M. at the Borough Council Chambers, 59 E. High Street. The Planning Commission makes the final decision regarding all SALDO applications.

SALDO Applications & Documents

Application - Subdivision & Land Development ($500 fee for minor, $1,000 fee for major)

Municipal Request for Review by Adams County Office of Planning & Development (ACOPD)

What's Happening Near Me?

Wondering where Land Developments are taking place in Gettysburg or Adams County? They're not hard to find! Visit Adams County Office of Planning and Development's interactive web map of submitted land development plans, and search for subdivision and land development activity near you.