GPD Sworn, Support Staff, Auxiliary Officers and Administrative Volunteers

GPD Aux 1
Our Auxiliary Officers

Police Department Sworn and Full-Time Support Staff

Mayor Rita Frealing

Chief Robert W. Glenny, Jr

Sgt. Harald Pruy

Sgt. Larry Weikert

MPO.  William Orth

Det. Brian Weikert

MPO.  Dennis Bevenour

PFC.  Bryan Holden

PFC. Shannon Hilliard

Det. Chris Evans

PFC.  Jordan Klunk

PFC Kevin McDonald

Ofc.  Eric Wenrich

Ofc.  Dennis Pennese

Ofc. Douglas Fishel

Ofc.  Jeffrey Carey

Ofc. Terry DeWitt

Ofc.  Donald Boehs

Records Coordinator Courtney Riley


The list of officers include part-time and full-time sworn. 

MPO stands for Master Patrol Officer

PFC stands for Patrol Officer First Class



GPD Auxiliary Police Officers

The Gettysburg Police Department is very proud and appreciative of our Auxiliary Police Officers.  These dedicated men and women help ensure Borough and Community events run smoothly.  You will find our Auxiliary Police directing traffic for Memorial Day, Halloween, Remembrance Day and Christmas Parades.  The Auxiliary Officers further assist with traffic control during Bike Week for the Parade of Chrome and during other special events.

Note: In Accordance with Pennsylvania Law, failure to obey the traffic directions of an Auxiliary Officer will result in a traffic citation and/or may lead to arrest if you are interfering with the duties of an Auxiliary Officer.

If you are interested in joining the Auxiliary Officer program you can call us at 717-334-1168 to obtain information and forms needed to apply.

We would like to recognize our Auxiliary Officers:

Officer Dave Nett
Officer Virginia McGovern
Officer Jim Gallagher
Officer Stanley Hopkins
Officer James Bixler
Officer Ron Face has 'retired' from the Auxiliary Unit.  We would like to thank Ron for all hard work he's done for us over the years.  
We welcome Officer James Bixler to the Auxiliar Unit.
GPD Administrative Volunteers
Our Volunteers are a critical part of our department, assisting us with office administration when available.  Due to very minimum staffing their assistance is very much appreciated by the men and women of the department.
We would like to recognize our Administrative Volunteers:
Robert DeFayette - Office Staff
Donna McGough - Office Staff