World-Trail Fitness Stations

WorldTrail Fitness Stations Combining running and individual exercise, the all-steel WorldTrail conditioning course provides a comprehensive fitness program for beginners and advanced users alike. Each exercise station promotes the development of strength and endurance while improving muscle tone and agility with signs at each station to instruct all users on proper form and repetition.

Station 1: Step Up
Choose from three different levels of difficulty and work on toning the legs while building strength at the same time.

Station 2:  Leg Lift
Work on the lower body with the back, full and front leg lifts. It works the legs as well as abdominal muscle groups.

Station 3:  Body Curl
Do the inclined body curl, inclined sit up, or the inclined leg raise to strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles.

Station 4: Horizontal Loop Ladder
Build upper body strength and tighten the abdominals all at the same time with the ladder cross, ladder cross leg curl and straight leg cross.

Station 5:  Beam Jump
You can walk, run or jump the beam. Build your agility while increasing your heart rate.

Station 6:  Hip Rotation
This station improves muscle tone and increases agility with three different moves; the hip rotation; the upper body rotation and the inclined pull up.

Station 7:  Sit Up
Work on your lower body strength with a body curl, sit up or the leg raise.

Station 8:  Chin Up
Try the regular, inclined and inverted chin-up to work your biceps and increase your upper body strength.

Station 9:  Push Up
3 ways to increase upper body strength while building the bicep and pectorals: the comfort push-up, stretch push-up and the power push-up.

Station 10:  Climbing Wall
Using this station you will increase your endurance while building strength and muscle tone in the lower body. The vertical climb, the up and over and the side leg raise challenges your agility as well.