What We Do

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Our Department provides assistance to other agencies; State Police, Local Municipal Police, National Park Service Rangers, County Children & Youth, both State and County Probation & Parole, Adams County Drug Task Force, US Marshall's Task Force, Dog Law, State Conservation Officers, Gettysburg Fire Department and Adams Regional EMS and many other Federal, State and Local agencies.  These many agencies also provide mutual aid to our Department when needed. 
Below is a list of our duties and it is not inclusive of all duties we perform.
- Raise / lower the flag ( when necessary )
- Open / lock up the rest rooms at the parking deck
- Check ghost tours / carriage tours / idling busses
- Make checks at the Borough shed for illegal dumping
- Foot patrol
- Business / bank checks
- Residence security checks
- Playground security checks
- Wash, fuel and inspect police vehicles
- Follow-up on previous investigations
- Prepare cases for and testify in court
- Monitor RPP parking
- Enforce 2 AM to 6 AM no parking
- Assist the Gettysburg Fire Department
- Put up / take down no parking meter bags
- Monitor activities in the area of Gettysburg College
- Assist other Gettysburg Borough PD units with assignments
- Assist non-Gettysburg law enforcement agencies with activities occurring within the Borough or Mutual Aid requests
- Provide escorts for funerals
- Provide escorts for over-size vehicles
- Speed details when man-power permits
- Monitor areas of specific complaints
- Respond to assignments from the Adams County Communications Center
- Perform all of the activities of a patrol officer, but also the following supervisory activities:
- Provide direct supervision for their assigned patrol officers
- Review and approve all incident, complaint and traffic accident reports
- Review the daily activity reports submitted by their respective squads
- Review, plan, schedule man-power and all logistical matters associated with special events
- Counsel all subordinates relative to performance issues
- Conduct investigations related to alleged officer mis-conduct
- Are in an “ on-call “ status when their squad is on duty even if the Sergeant is off-duty
- Schedule vacation, personal and other time off requests for their respective squads
- Arrange / rearrange their duty schedule to ensure adequate man-power is available to fill in for vacations and sickness
- Assist subordinate officers with investigations
- Maintain daily / monthly statistics for their squad’s activities
- Perform other investigations as assigned by the Chief
- Completes investigations on all cases assigned by the Chief and Sergeant's
- Crime Scene Photography & Crime Scene Investigations
- Assist Patrols with investigations as needed
- PSP Intelligence Liaison Officer
- Basic Digital Evidence Analysis
- Department Website and Facebook page
- Crisis Intervention Team Member
- Review & Update Response to Resistance policies
- Adams County Crime Stoppers Liaison Officer
Other Services Provided and Specialized Training Completed by Our Officers:
- ALERRT Civilian Response to Active Shooter Event training
- Safety & Security for Bike Week and annual parades
- Safety & Security for 1st Amendment events
- Safety & Security for man-made and natural disasters
- Crime Prevention Tips through the Police Website
Specialized Training:
- ALERRT Response to Active Shooter Events (Level 1)
- ALERRT Exterior Response to Active Shooter Events
- Less Lethal Instructors to include:
     -- Taser, Baton, OC Spray, Less Lethal Shotgun, Close Quarters Combat
- Weapons Range Instructors:
     -- Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle