Committees of Borough Council

Committees Disbanded in 2016


It is common for the elected body of a municipality to have standing and/or ad-hoc committees. Members of these committees are usually a smaller subset of the full elected body (often times three members of a seven-member elected body). These committees meet to discuss and deliberate policy options. More focus and attention to detail is given a specific topic of concern than can be given during the larger routine business meetings. Often times these committees then forward policy recommendations on to the full elected body for enactment.

Committees Disbanded - Work Sessions Added

In 2016, Gettysburg Borough Council opted to dissolve its standing committees. In lieu of committees, Council added a second monthly meeting, called a Council Workshop. Workshops are a less formal meeting where policy options and initiaitves are disccussed by the entire elected body, much like the previous committee system.

Committee Minutes

Council's previous committees and their meeting agenda minutes are available under the the 'Agendas and Minutes' section of this website.


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