Gettysburg Municipal Authority (GMA)

Water / Sewer Service for Gettysburg and Surrounding Areas

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Mission Statement

The goals of the Authority, Official Board, Manager, and its employees, are to provide to our customers a safe, adequate, reliable and cost effective supply of water as well as the collection and treatment of Wastewater, while planning for future growth, and continuing to meet or exceed all Local, State and Federal Agencies guidelines pertaining to water and wastewater services.

Under the direction of GMA Facilities Manager, Mark Guise, the Authority is divided into four divisions:     

  1. Water Treatment Division - Employees are concerned with providing the highest quality water economically feasible to all of GMA's customers,
  2. Wastewater Treatment Division - this division is responsible for maintaining the Wastewater Treatment System to produce an environmentally safe discharge of sewage effluent to the Rock Creek,
  3. Distribution / Collection / Maintenance Division - these employees are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the miles upon miles of underground water distribution and wastewater collection pipes, valves, hydrants, manholes, etc., through out the GMA system, and
  4. Management and Customer Service - The Management and Customer Service Department is responsible for public, customer, and employee relations, as well as overseeing daily operations and project completions.  They also read meters, attend to accounting and billing needs, and mark underground lines where future construction projects may occur so that service to our customers is not impaired.

Board Members
NameTitlePhone  #In Office Until
Dorothy K. PuhlChairman(717) 334-67381st Monday; January 2026
Susan CipperlyVice-Chairman(717) 334-67381st Monday; January 2024
Timothy Good (717) 334-67381st Monday; January 2027
Max FeltySecretary(717) 689-67381st Monday; January 2025
Chris Berger


(717) 339-67381st Monday; January 2028


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Mark Guise Utilities Manager (GMA) (717) 334-6738