Code Enforcement

The purpose of the Code Enforcement within the Borough of Gettysburg is to protect, and improve the safety, health, and welfare of our citizens and visitors by enforcing regulations that are pertinent to maintaining quality of life and safety for all persons. Code Enforcement, uses Borough Codes and the Uniform Construction Code (UCC) to regulate property issues as they pertain to safety, health, and welfare of our citizens and visitors. 

Building Codes

It is the responsibility of the Borough Code Enforcement to administer the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC) adopted by the Borough of Gettysburg in September 2004. All building code ordinances or portions of ordinances adopted before 1999 including the "BOCA Basic Building Code, 1990 Edition" which meet or exceed the requirements of the UCC continue in full force and effect until such time as it fails to meet or exceed the minimum requirements of the UCC.

The Borough of Gettysburg has contracted with the Pennsylvania Municipal Code Alliance, Inc. (PMCA) to provide for Building Codes Inspections.  Please contact Borough Code Enforcement with questions concerning Building Codes and Inspections at 334-1160, ext. 229.

Property Maintenance Codes

Code Enforcement is also responsible for monitoring property maintenance, solid waste removal and recycling, snow and ice removal from sidewalks, and nuisances such as accumulations of trash and debris, storage of junked or abandoned vehicles, dangerous structures, grass and weeds  and items that impact the health, safety and welfare of the residents and visitors of the Borough of Gettysburg.

Anyone with code questions or concerns can email code enforcement at, or call 334-1160 ext. 229#.

Borough Code Enforcement also enforces the Regulated Rental Unit Occupancy Ordinance.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Peter Griffioen Code Compliance Officer (717)-334-1160. Ext 229
John Whitmore, AICP Planning Director (717) 334-1160 ext. 224
Debra English Historic and Environmental Preservation Coordinator (717) 334-1160 ext. 238