Gettysburg Zoning Code Update/Rewrite Project

Gettysburg Borough wants your feedback on the zoning rewrite project.  See our project page here for draft updates and information on upcoming meetings.


Visit our Interactive Zoning Map.


In very basic terms zoning is the division of a municipality into specific use areas commonly referred to as zones or districts. The principle purpose of zoning is to ensure the general welfare of the community. Therefore, zoning districts are created with compatible uses in mind. For instance, residential units will be clustered together and distinctly apart from non-compatible uses so as to prevent nuisances.

The following zoning districts are found in the Borough:

Overlay Districts

An overlay district is a special zone that overlaps several other zones, applying a set of regulations to all applicable properties regardless of intended use, although use is sometimes regulated in overlays. The Borough has four overlay districts: 

For additional information about each district, consult the Borough Code of Ordinances.