Short-Term Parking

Three-Hour Meters
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3-Hour Meters:

There are 319 3-hour on-street meters in Gettysburg. Located in the business district, these meters provide a maximum parking limit of 3-hours. The short term meters in town provide three different rate options depending on where one would park, below is a list distinguishing each rate. Within the Borough there is no parking between the hours of 2 AM - 6 AM, please be aware of signage posted on each street with 3-hour parking. Parking within those hours will result in a violation.


  • $2.00 per hour for maximum of three hour parking. These meters consist of the entire Lincoln Square.
  • $1.50 per hour for maximum of three hour parking. These meters consist of the first blocks of York, Carlisle, Chambersburg, and Baltimore Street and all of Steinwehr Avenue.
  • $1.00 per hour for a maximum of three hour parking. These meters will consist of the second blocks from the square and side streets branching from the main streets.

Violation: Overtime parking fines are $40.00, ($25.00 if paid 7 days of tickets issued date).

3-Hour Meter On-Street Locations:

Click here to view the Gettysburg Borough Parking Map to look up all 3-hour parking meters within the Borough. All 3-hour parking meters will be highlighted GREEN on the map.

All of Lincoln Square will be highlighted dark BLUE on the parking map. 

Parking App:

For more in depth information on Pay-by-Phone, please click here.