Electronic (Covered Devices) Recycling Event

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Gettysburg Borough Seal
Event Date: 
Saturday, March 24, 2018 - 9:00am to 12:00pm


Gettysburg Public Works Facility
457 East Middle Street
Gettysburg, PA 17325
United States

Last year, the Borough of Gettysburg began the process of determining what trash hauling services should continue and what new services should be added as the current waste services contract was set to end on December 31, 2017. There were several issues resulting from drastic changes in the world of recycling industries, as well as the continuing challenges of burdensome Commonwealth mandates aimed at protecting landfills.  Since January 2014, IESI from Chambersburg (through a name-change is called Waste Connections. Inc.) has been our trash/recycling collector for residential neighborhoods.  In a bid process which kept the best interests of Borough taxpayers at the forefront while ensuring the highest quality of service, we weighed the fact that municipalities must accept the lowest bid unless there is a reasonable legal reason to do otherwise.  Since residents are bound by law to contract with the Borough’s selected hauler, Borough officials were careful to negotiate the best contract for all concerned.

This involved rejecting the first round of bid responses and repeating the process with additional calls for clarification on some issues. In the second request for bids, it was clear that in addition to a reasonable cost to residents, Waste Connections, Inc. will collect all Borough government trash and recyclables at no additional cost (trash collection at GARA and street trash cans), as well as servicing the solar compactors which had been donated for the 150th celebration in 2013.  Additional services in this contract include a quarterly collection of “covered devices” (i.e. electronic devices) such as TVs and computers, fall and spring pickup of brush and yard waste, and the continuation of accepting “container glass” for recycling, curbside collection of Christmas trees in January, and grass cuttings provided they are in bags.

Here are some facts residents need to know:

  • The quarterly charge for trash and recycling pick-up is fixed at $215.88 per year per customer ($17.99 per month). This represents a slight decrease from the previous contract with increased service levels. Billings for the first quarter of 2018 went out in late December 2017.
  • Since you are presently a customer of IESI (Waste Connections) you do not need to change nor confirm your present method of payment.
  • Tag-a-Bag service is available for households with less than average trash.  Tags are available from Waste Connections, Inc. at $3.75 for 12 tags minimum and additional tags are $3.75 each. Residents may use a bag of their choice, providing it is sturdy and that the tag is clearly visible by the driver.
  • Trash and recyclables will continue to be collected on the same day. Recycling will include all items currently picked up. Keep using your Borough recycling bin.  You can also request a free bin from Waste Connections or the Borough.
  • Avoid throwing non-container glass (like mirrors or picture frame glass), Pyrex, aluminum pots and pans, aluminum foil, Styrofoam, and crockery in the recycling bin.
  • IESI will pick-up one (1) large item per week at no additional cost, but nothing containing Freon (such as refrigerators or air conditioners).

New Services – Covered Devices (Electronics) Recycling and Yard Waste

The new waste hauler contract provides additional waste collection services to you. As you know, the Borough already provides leaf and brush pick-up at selected times throughout the year. Waste Connections will provide additional yard waste collection services to augment the Borough’s yard waste collection services. Additionally, covered devices (electronics) have proven to be difficult to recycle in recent years. Waste Connections, Inc. has partnered with the Borough to solve this problem and provide you with this valuable recycling service. Both the additional yard waste pick-up and covered devices recycling services are further outlined below. Yard Waste dates and rules will be announced at a later date.


When:      4th Saturday of every third month (**If 4th Saturday falls on a Holiday – rescheduled for 3rd Saturday of third month)

Where:     Gettysburg Borough Public Works Building (see map for traffic patterns)
                 457 East Middle Street

Time:       9:00 AM to 12:00 PM (noon) Time will be assigned at registration.

                                                   NOTE:    Must pre-register.
                                                                  Must arrive within your scheduled time window.
                                                                  Must provide Waste Connections, Inc. Customer Account Number.

How to Register:

All registrations must be received by 5 PM March 21. Call (717) 337-0724 between 9 AM and 5 PM on weekdays or go online at www.GettysburgPA.gov/recycling and click the tab labeled E-Recycling Registration. Have your Customer Account Number ready (located on your Waste Connections, Inc. quarterly bill). Have a list of what covered devices you will be recycling. Select an arrival window from the list provided.