Applicants interested in full-time officer positions should contact the department. Applicants for part-time officer can complete the application below and return to the police department.


Our Compliment has recently been expanded to 14 full-time officers.  We anticipate hiring for two full-time positions spring 2023 or earlier.  Interested applicants for full time officer positions should contact the department.  Part-time applicant should fill out and submit the application below.

   The Borough of Gettysburg, located in Adams County, Pa, has just short of 8000 residents.  The Borough is home to Gettysburg College, a national recognized institution of higher education with an approx. student body size of 2700 students.  The United Lutheran Seminary formerly the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg also call the Borough home.

     In the summer of 1863 forces of both the Union and Confederate Armies converged on Gettysburg for, arguably, the most important battle of The United States Civil War.  Today, Gettysburg is now a tourist destination drawing more than two million visitors a year.

     The Police Department is the busiest department dispatched by the county emergency services dispatch center.  The department currently has a full-time sworn compliment of 14 with a number of part-time officers to supplement. 

      Please contact the Police Department at (717)334-1168 Ext. 951 or e-mail at further information on openings.  Currently, the borough requires all part-time applicants to be certified by the Commonwealth of PA as a Municipal Police Officer, certified in another state and eligible for certification here or currently enrolled in a PA Police Academy and be eligible for certification by date of hire.  The borough will be modifying the civil service regulations to allow non-certified applicants to apply for the civil service process for full-time officer position.