Permits and Applications

The following applications may be downloaded, printed out, mailed to or dropped off at:

Borough of Gettysburg
Administrative Offices
59 East High Street
Gettysburg, PA 17325

Payment must be made via check or money order payable to "Borough of Gettysburg"

Land Use-Working Permit

This permit is required for all proposed projects within the Borough. A Land Use Application helps us learn about your property by providing basic information such as the address, which zoning district it's located in, the current/planned use and scope of work, what improvements you'd like to make, and what additional review and/or approvals might be needed to successfully complete your project. 

Please submit the following:

  • Land Use Application (Fee: $36.00)
  • Contractor's Certificate of Liability Insurance*
  • If you are not using a contractor or your contractor doesn't have *Worker's Compensation Insurance please complete this form and have it notarized to submit iwth your permit application/
  • Proposal/estimate describing complete scope of work, if available
  • Simple plot plan showing location of improvement(s) and distances to property lines
  • Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) Application, if property is located in the Historic District


If your estimated project cost is $2,500.00 or more you must also apply for an Adams County Property Improvement Permit with the Tax Assessor's Office. Submit the completed application, along with $10.00 fee, in-person or by mail to the address located at the bottom of the form.


Certificate of Appropriateness (COA)

Any proposed alterations to properties located in the Gettysburg Historic District must be granted a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) before work may begin. Learn more about the COA review process here.  

Application for Certificate of Appropriateness - Administrative Review/Approval

Application for Certificate of Appropriateness - Full HARB Review/Council Approval

Building Permits

The Borough of Gettysburg administers and enforces the Uniform Construction Code (UCC) with the assistance of our colleagues at the Pennsylvania Municipal Code Alliance (PMCA). After receiving a Land Use-Working Permit from the Borough Planning Department, applications for projects requiring UCC permits are forwarded to PMCA for plan review and inspection(s). Projects exempt from UCC permits are processed in-house by the Planning Department.

Certificates of Use & Occupancy

Every UCC project requires a Certificate of Occupancy to as the final step to document that the space complies with all applicable building codes and is safe to occupy. This applies to both residential and commercial properties, new construction, and additions. Even if no alterations are planned, any change in use or possession by a new commercial occupant still requires a Certificate of Occupancy. 

Certificate of Occupancy Packet (Fee: $50 residential/$75 commercial, invoiced by PMCA upon issuance of permit)

Not sure if you need a new Certificate of Use & Occupancy? File a Request for Determination

Residential Building Permit Applications

All residential work requires a Land Use-Working Permit in addition to: 
Non-UCC Building Permit (Fee: $12 for first thousand dollars value of improvement + $10 for each additional thousand)
Single Family Dwelling (Fee: $50, invoiced by PMCA upon issuance of permit)
Demolition (Fee: $50 for first 2500 sq.ft. + $25 for each additional 2500 sq. ft.)

Commercial Building Permit Applications 

All commercial work requires a Land use-Working Permit in addition to:
Commercial Building 
Commercial Demolition
Minimal Commercial Re-roof


Regulated Rental Unit Occupancy (RRUO)

All residential rental units in Gettysburg Borough are regulated by the Rental Unit Occupancy Ordinance, subject to annual licensure and periodic inspection for compliance with the Property Maintenance Code. RRUO licenses are non-transferrable. Notification must be received by the Borough within fifteen (15) days of any change in tenant occupancy.

2020 Regulated Rental Unit Application (Fee: $36.00)

Rental Unit Inspection (Fee: $75 per unit, $100 re-inspection fee following failure; invoiced by PMCA upon satisfactorily passing inspection)

Signs & Banners

Signs and banners are regulated by the Gettysburg Sign Ordinance. If located in the Historic District, a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) is also required.

Banner Permit Application (Fee: $0.00 + Land Use Application fee $36.00) 
Sign Permit Application (Fee: $20.00 for each sign + Land Use Application fee $36.00)

Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management Plan - Simplified Approach

Streets & Sidewalks

Highway Occupancy Permit (HOP) / Street Excavation Permit (Fee: $92.50)

Subdivision & Land Development

By authority of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC), the Borough of Gettysburg has enacted and enforces a Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO), administered by the Planning Commission. Learn more about the SALDO process here.

Subdivision & Land Development Application (Fee: $500 minor subdivision/land development, $1,000 major)

Zoning Hearing Board

By authority of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC), the Borough of Gettysburg has enacted and enforces a Zoning Ordinance, administered by the Zoning Officer. Property owners seeking a special exception or variance may apply for a hearing to petition for relief. Learn more about the Zoning Hearing Board here. 

 Application to Gettysburg Borough Zoning Hearing Board Special Exception / Variance (Fee: $1,000)

Residential Parking Permit

Residential Parking Permit (Fee: $29 per year)
Replace permit (Fee: $5.00)
Guest pass:
3 day-$1.75
5 day-$2.25
7 day-$2.75

Other Permits/Licenses

Accident Reports (Fee: $15 per report)

Amusement License (Fee: $50 from April 1st through March 31st  / $25 from July 1st thru December 31st

Amusement Admissions Tax Report Form   (fillable pdf to submit with a check)

Fireworks Display - Commercial ONLY / Fire Prevention Permit (Fee: $0 + $36 Land Use Permit Application)
Guided Walking Tour (Fee: $125)
Horse Drawn Carriage License (Fee: $350 per carriage with up to six passengers / $425 per carriage with more than six passengers)
Impound Fee ( $75 per day)
Junk Dealer License (Fee: $150)
Outdoor Dining Permit (Fee: $100 Flat Rate + $4/sq. ft.)
Special Event Permit (Fee: $30 per event) 
Police Escort (Billed at Current Hourly Rate)
Solicitation License (Fee: $36)
Taxi License (Fee: $50 plus meter bag purchase)
Transient Retail Permit / Application (Fee: $55 Daily / $200 Monthly / $600 Yearly / $25 Daily Pushcart per cart / $100. Monthly per cart / $300 Yearly per cart)
Towing License and Renewals (Fee: $250)
Towing Fee (Fee: $125 per event)
Yard Sale Permit Onsite by Check (Fee:$10 per event)