COVID-19 Suspends Bulk Trash Pick-Up

Normal Trash Collection to Continue
Waste Connections of Pennsylvania
Waste Connections of Pennsylvania

Re: COVID-19 and Waste Collection by Waste Connections Good afternoon:

In order to protect our workers from contact with potentially contaminated items, we are requesting the bulk item pickup in Adams County be suspended until at least May 1st• At that time we will re-assess the situation and either resume the pickup of bulk items or request an extension.

Trash bags and taters are handled with just hands, which can be protected by gloves. The drivers can safely pick the bags and taters up without getting them close to their bodies and their faces. The bulky items have to be "lifted" and therefore come in contact with their arms and their bodies, potentially exposing them to contagious germs and viruses.

Since we are deemed an essential business, we are doing our best to keep our workers safe and healthy while providing the essential service of trash pickup. We are asking you to consider this pandemic as a force majeure, as noted in the cont ract . We hope that you can help us keep our drivers safe and healthy by approving this temporary change as soon as possible.